Rev. Charles Baker

Minister / Media Director

Terry's Favorites

                         Book: Anything under 25 pages with pictures

                         Movie: Tommy Boy

                         Food: Pizza

                         Super Hero: Superman

                         Scripture: Joshua 24:15


                         Charles' Favorites
                       Book: Through the gates of splendor
                       Movie: Matrix
                       Food: Steak and potatoes
                       Super Hero: Bouncing Boy
                       Scripture: Romans 6:23

Craig P. Coffman


Bruce McDonald


   Mark Young

Deacon / Lights

Darren Keith Fauber Jr.

  Minister in Training

Clayton "Bucky" Robertson


    Brian's Favorites

                        Book: Mere Christianity

                        Movie: Independence Day

                        Food: Chinese

                        Super Hero: Batman

                        Scripture: Galatians. 1:10

Jessica's Favorites

                      Book: Lady in Waiting

                      Movie: Twister

                      Food: Italian

                      Super Hero: Batman

                      Scripture: Romans 12:8

Angela's Favorites

            Book: Streikers Bride

            Movie: Everafter

            Food: Chinese

            Super Hero: Batman

            Scripture: Col. 3:17

Angela DeVore

Executive Assistant

Pastor's Favorites

Book: Too Many to list!

Food: Steak & Spaghetti

Restaurant: Jankos Little Zagreb

Vacation: A Caribbean Beach, "DOING NOTHING"

Scripture: II Chronicles 7:14

Sis. Angies Favorites

Food; Pizza

Restaurant; Red Lobster

Scripture; John 3:16

Pastor Jay assumed the role of Senior Pastor at the Lighthouse in 2004 when his dad Jay Sr. retired.

He has served the Lighthouse as Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor.  Pastor and Sis. Angie have been married for 31 years and are parents to five children.

Terry DeVore

Deacon / Sound

Jessica Fauber

Daycare,  Pre-School &

Children's Director

Rev. Brian DeVore

Minister / Youth Pastor

Rev. Jay & Angie Temples

Senior Pastor

   Darren's Favorites

Book:   The Cost Of Discipleship

Food:  Grandma Jane's Pot Roast

Restaurant:  El Ranchero

Vacation:  South Carolina

Scripture:  Duet. 29:29

Shawnda Saunders-Martinez


Rev. Keila Baker

Minister / Band

Craig's Favorites

                       Book:  True North.

   Food:  Where do I begin

                    Restaurant:  The list keeps growing

                    Vacation: Anywhere near the ocean

             Scripture:  Ephesians 30:20-21

James "Boonie" Hodges

      Minister / Elder

Bucky's Favorites

                        Book: The Bible
                        Food: Taco Chicken
                        Restaurant: Cracker Barrel

                        Vacation: Anywhere
                        Scripture: Psalms 23


Shawnda's Favorites

Book:  A Tree Grows In Brooklyn                                                Movie:  Forest Gump

Food:  Mexican

Super Hero:  Captain America

Scripture:  1Sam. 16:7

Lighthouse Fellowship Church Inc.

Dr. Richard "Mike" Baldock

Minister / Elder

Mike's Favorites

          Book: Bible

          Food:  Steak

          Restaurant:  Texas Roadhouse

          Vacation:  Florida

          Scripture:  Romans 6:4